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How to Write a Perfect Resume: Best Advice for Students

This will sound like a cliché to many people: a good resume gets you halfway through the door. 

People assume they are aware of the statement above, but few take the time to actualize it. Writing a resume is normal and there is nothing new we can teach you about what to include or the structure of your resume. However, we can give you free resume tips to help you enhance your resume. The hiring process is changing and more companies are using tech bots to compare resumes and pick the best ones. So, you need to prepare yourself and deliver something that will attract the attention of the tech bots and managers (those still preferring the manual process). Below are our resume tips for college students.

Review Examples

Writing a good resume starts with reading a good resume. So, before you start working on your resume, get to read good resume examples. You can read resumes that are specific to your career or read resumes for all careers and pick what stands out for you. However, make sure the resumes you review are in line with certain careers. This will help you understand how to approach different situations if in case you find yourself changing fields. These resumes will help you choose a style that not only fits you but also helps you capture what is important. You can find these examples on LinkedIn or resume writing services.

Start with Important Information and Only Include your Most Valuable Information

This is all about prioritization. Your potential employer needs to see your most important information first. Everything that makes you stand out from the other applicants needs to come first. The relevant experiences you have, need to come first. Starting with your most valuable information grabs the attention of the reader. When you intrigue the reader, they want to know more about you, and this means your chances of getting a face-to-face interview increase. As you are looking for resume strategies, do not go any further if you do not understand the seriousness of this tip. Prioritize your information and you will find yourself in a job soon.

Add Jobs you had in the Last Years

While listing your previous jobs, start with the most recent. Here, offer details of your last jobs but do not go past 15 years. If you are an intern, include this piece of information. Your potential employer needs to know your history. So, include your previous job and their expectations. Do not lie in your resume thinking you are increasing your chances of landing a job. You will do an exceptional job if you maintain your integrity and only include truthful information. 

Develop your Language Skills

Using the right language or showcasing your language skills is one of the most important tips on how to write a great resume. You cannot express yourself if you do not develop your language skills. A resume gets you halfway through the door. However, before you submit your resume, there is the writing process that you cannot skip. It is possible to have someone else write your resume, but what will you do in a face-to-face interview? Your career path may not involve a lot of talking or report writing. But you need to know how to express yourself. So, growing your language skills is important.


Education is an essential part of your resume. You need to include it every time you are writing your resume. If you are still a student and in need of help with writing your resume, you can place your request with an online essay writing service. However, the most important thing here is to understand how to include education in your resume. You need to prioritize education and this means you start with your most recent academic achievement. In this section, include the name of institution, name of your degree, your major, year of graduation, and honors.

Include Your Skills and Experience

Your skills and experience are important and you have to include them in your resume. However, as a student, you may not have any experience to include in your resume. Well, some have and some do not. If you have some experience, do not hesitate to share it. When it comes to skills, everyone has their strengths and skills that are unique to them. A resume is a way to convince your potential or future employers to hire you. So, do not be afraid to include your skills. A resume for college students with no experience should not be set for dismissal because one can share their skills, and make their resumes stand out.

Include Your Contact Information

You should work on writing all your contact information in your resume. This makes it easier for potential employers to find you and hire you. So, give your full name, phone number, email address, your city, zip code, and street address. If you have a profile on any professional website, it is good practice to share this as well. Offer your potential employers enough information about yourself.

Proofread and Edit

Never send your resume out without proofreading and editing it. You will not leave your potential employers with a good picture of you if you submit a resume with spelling or grammatical errors. You can either use proofreading tools, grammar-checking tools, or request editing services from a platform like write my essay for me. On this platform, you will have an expert review your resume and enhance it for you. This will be at a fee but in the end, you have a resume that is error-free.

In conclusion, it is important to take your time and learn how to write your resume. Everything in life is a process and learning how to write a good resume is a process. When you start the process, do not give up. Write with the best attitude and soon you will be able to submit resumes that not only put you halfway through the opportunity door but kick the door wide open.

Sourced From: Stuart Gentle – Onerec

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